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Flora Car Perfume Bottle - CDS00340 viewsSquare Hanging Car Perfume Bottle.

Bottle Valume : 8ml

Bottle Colour : Flora
Car Perfume Bottle CDS00130 viewsCar Perfume Bottle CDS001 is one of the earliest design of the flora car perfume bottle in the Malaysia.

Perfume bottle capacity - 7ml
Perfume bottle colour - Assorted
Perfume bottle material - Glass
Car Perfume Bottle CDH878A-C64 viewsApple Shape Car Perfume Bottle.

Bottle Capacity : 8ml
Bottle Colour : Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue and Green
Cap Material: Wood
Car Perfume Bottle CDS703-C44 views7ml Car perfume colour bottle

5 colours to choose: Blue, Purple, Green, Red and Yellow
Car perfume CDH878A42 viewsIf you are looking for plain Car perfume Apple bottle, we do supply 8ml plain apple bottle.
Car Perfume CDS00232 viewsOne of the flora car perfume
6 design to choose
8ml car perfume
Whole set with cap and insert
Car perfume CDH227-C33 viewsThis is bigger size car perfume in TNT/TTS
10ml capacity and 6 colours available
Round shaped Car perfume
Car Perfume DH52-C27 views7ml car perfume
5 colour - Blue, yellow, red, purple and green
All ready stock!!
We are the largest car perfume supplier in Malaysia.
Car Perfume bottle - CDH310-C31 views9-10ml car perfume bottle
How many colour?
we have 5 colour to choose: Red, Green, Yellow, Purple and Blue.
String colour?
yes, same colour with bottle.
Car Perfume packaging?
Yes, we supply full packaging
Car perfume casing57 viewsTTS provide customer with full car perfume packaging including card, casing and sticker
Car Perfume Packaging69 viewsWe help our customer to design their car perfume packaging.
We Supply all packaging including bottle, car perfume, card, PVC and sticker together.
Kindly contact us for more info.
Car Perfume Bottle - CDS09939 viewsFlora Design Car Perfume Bottle
Car Perfume Bottle - CDH 84B36 viewsTransparent car perfume bottle
Square bottle with wood cap and colour string.
5 colour String to choose.
We do supply whole packaging for the car perfume.
Car Perfume - CDH 4533 views5ml Car perfume bottle
Our bottle is the best quality in Malaysia.
All ready stock.
Suitable to who want to start their business in Malaysia
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